Thought Leadership

Providing in-depth analysis, research, and insights to increase understanding and success

Meketa puts a premium on the value of independent, timely research as a critical resource for our clients. Across the firm, and within each area of expertise, research is deep, ongoing, relevant, and put to work for our clients.

Our investment experts publish a wealth of specialized and cross-industry analyses and reports throughout the year, focused on economic forecasts, market trends, and oft-overlooked investment opportunities our clients care about most.

Our professionals also speak at events and conferences in the United States and internationally, bringing our combination of innovative thinking and data-driven insights to diverse audiences.

Quarterly market analysis

We publish comprehensive quarterly reviews of both public and private markets, coupled with our current outlook for the macroeconomic landscape and capital markets.

White papers

We maintain an extensive library of specialized white papers, focused on the risks and opportunities inherent in a variety of investments.


Our investment experts are sought-after speakers, providing insight on investing and economic topics at conferences, events, and forums.


Our Global Macroeconomic Working Group publishes extensive research focused on the global economy throughout the year.


We host conversations on investment research and markets with our research team, our Global Macroeconomic Investment Committee members, and other respected investors and thought leaders.

Meketa’s research capabilities add value to our service offerings. We publish papers and research notes to keep our clients current on what’s happening in the markets, and we use our research to inform the strategic advice, discretionary management, and custom reports and education we provide our clients.

Frank Benham, Managing Principal / Director of Research