Enriching relationships through communication

Meketa views our relationship with each client as a collaboration.  We believe that an open dialogue and transparent approach with clients is paramount to providing the highest level of personalized service.

Our deep resources and research focus allows us to think strategically about each client’s goals and objectives and deliver customized solutions.

We are proactive in providing information to help our clients achieve their investment goals.  We help our clients adopt new and progressive investment approaches while applying a healthy level of skepticism and scrutiny to the latest investment fads.

Each client works with a built-to-purpose service team.  Our team approach ensures quality and efficiency; clients can always speak to someone knowledgeable about their situation.

We do not shy away from voicing our opinions or concerns. Clients may not always act on or agree with our recommendations, but we believe it is our role to voice them. We try to look at things differently.

Judy Chambers, Managing Principal / Private Markets Consultant