Fiduciary Management (OCIO)

Serving as a fiduciary to drive performance and manage risk

Today’s institutional investors face an increasingly complex array of investment choices as well as rapidly changing market environments.

It can be difficult to stay on top of time-sensitive decisions without losing sight of longer-term strategic priorities—all the while dealing with regulatory, governance, and constituency requirements.

Through our Fiduciary Management (OCIO) service, Meketa offers clients the day-to-day investment management, reporting, and operational support they need to help them realize their long-term investment goals. We work with corporations, endowments and foundations, multiemployer plans, and public funds, providing such services as:

  • Investment policy development
  • Asset allocation—strategic or tactical
  • Asset liability management
  • Investment and operational due diligence
  • Manager selection and monitoring
  • Performance reporting and monitoring
  • Board and staff education
  • Governance and best practices
  • Operations
  • Capital markets and global economic research

Our approach to outsourcing is unique. Not only do we customize each client portfolio, we also customize each governance structure: we allow our clients to determine how involved they want to be in their portfolio management and to adjust that level of involvement over time. This approach allows some clients to ease into outsourcing responsibilities and enables others to outsource certain functions while retaining others.

Above all, we provide our clients with strong transparency and communication. We strive to ensure that our clients continuously understand what is happening in their portfolios and why.

We work closely with our clients to fully customize every aspect of an outsourced relationship – from the governance structure to the investments themselves. Our clients are exactly as involved in the management and oversight of their assets as they would like to be and can vary this level of involvement over time.

Rafi Zaman, Principal / Chief Investment Officer, Meketa Fiduciary Management