Remaining steadfast in our beliefs

Meketa’s mission is to provide the highest quality investment advisory services to our clients.

We aim to utilize, and continuously hone, the best practices that we have developed over our history.  We seek to be thought leaders by evaluating investment industry information with healthy skepticism and performing value‑added original research. We pledge to establish lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional advice, support, and execution.

Independence, beholden only to our clients and colleagues

As a 100% employee-owned firm, Meketa is responsible only to our clients and ourselves. We do not face the burdens or challenges that might stem from large parent companies or external owners.

Integrity, the backbone of our firm

We pride ourselves on behaving ethically and honestly in all of our business dealings. Meketa seeks to identify and avoid all conflicts of interest.

The pursuit of excellence

Since Meketa’s founding in 1978, we have remained focused on our goal of partnering with clients to provide excellence in advice, support, and execution. We know that our work impacts people’s lives; our clients have participants and stakeholders who rely on us to deliver. We revere the trust placed in us by our clients and approach our work in a way that will continue to foster these relationships.

Unequivocal respect for all

At Meketa, we operate in an inclusive environment that embraces and promotes diversity of thought. A contrarian view, even if unpopular, is considered and respected.