Providing custom solutions to meet corporate needs

Corporations are often responsible for overseeing multiple retirement and investment funds that can impact the corporation’s quarterly earnings, cash management, and employee retention.

Generally, internal committees oversee these plans; however, executives on the committees often have significant corporate responsibilities and limited time. Within these constraints, the committees must find a way to create cost-effective and efficient investment portfolios and monitor them on a continuous basis.

As a solutions provider, Meketa offers corporations a wide array of services, including:

  • Investment, macroeconomic, and manager research
  • Customized investment solutions across asset classes
  • Proactive communications
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Operational support

We are here to help.  We connect each client with multiple investment professionals who work collaboratively with clients as an extension of their staffs and committees.

For clients that do not have the capacity to make investment decisions, we offer Fiduciary Management (OCIO) services which allow our clients the flexibility to delegate as much or as little of the decision-making process as they wish. Our only source of revenue comes directly from our clients.  We do not accept soft dollars.

We focus on our clients and help them manage their fiduciary responsibilities.

In an ideal situation, corporations would have sufficient resources to design and execute investment portfolios without practical constraints. As this is rarely possible, we take on this burden with our clients by assisting in the process of implementing investment decisions and fulfilling fiduciary duties.

Ted Benedict, Managing Principal / Consultant