Real Estate

Offering possibilities in a complex and nuanced marketplace

Real estate remains an important asset class for institutional investors as it provides opportunities for diversification, downside protection, and the potential for both current income and appreciation.

Oversight of real estate investments, however, is unique and requires engaged management with frequent decision‑making and the potential for tactical repositioning.

Due to the private nature of the asset class and increasing level of complexity and specialization needed, Meketa offers clients a spectrum of customized real estate solutions.  For clients with limited internal operations or time, we offer full-service programs, while those with greater resources benefit from our more narrowly‑defined support in specific areas such as:

  • Strategic planning
  • Portfolio construction and commitment pacing
  • Investment and operational due diligence
  • Manager selection, monitoring, and reporting
  • Cash flow management and back-office support
  • Specialized project work
  • Board and staff education

Our sector experts and knowledgeable research consultants have significant experience investing in the real estate market and work directly with clients to implement their program.

Our approach is nimble with the ultimate goal of offering our clients a tailored program designed to achieve their unique investment goals.  We do not offer any in-house competing investment funds, so we remain independent and objective in our recommendations.

Our real estate team includes individuals with industry-specific and direct investment experience. Our team composition, with complementary skill sets, allows us to have multiple perspectives and tools available to evaluate our clients’ real estate portfolios in a dynamic context.

Karen Reeves, Principal / Real Estate Analyst