Endowments & Foundations

Advancing organizations that work to change the world

Mission-driven organizations face a particular set of challenges as investors—

such as the need for a steady stream of income and investment restrictions driven by mission and constituent concerns all the while battling unpredictable or negative investment returns. Donors or other audiences may also require education around investing.

Ultimately, each dollar invested must yield maximum return, but the internal team tasked with delivering those results may not have the necessary time or resources to reach the needed goals.

To help endowments and foundations rise to these challenges, Meketa provides customized solutions to both large and small organizations in their pursuit of the investment goals that support their important work, including:

  • Investment, macroeconomic, and manager research
  • Customized investment solutions across asset classes
  • Proactive communications
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Operational support

We apply our decades of experience helping institutional investors pursue their investment objectives and are always guided by a shared commitment to their mission and values.

Each endowment and foundation is special: with a unique vision, set of constituencies, limitations, and reason for being. Far from treating these organizations alike, Meketa crafts custom programs that help each to realize its goals while providing the operational support needed to help fund offices succeed.

Laura Wirick, Managing Principal / Consultant