Marketable Alternatives

Portfolios built to address specific goals and risks

Marketable alternatives can be beneficial for creating greater diversification as they can be used to fill a variety of roles, from alpha generation to downside protection.

However, if viewed narrowly, these investment strategies have the potential to work against institutional investors’ own interests.

Meketa believes marketable alternatives are best deployed with a holistic view of the client’s asset allocation. We help our clients mitigate costly, redundant investment exposures by putting the marketable alternatives program in context of a broader asset allocation.

Our customizable approach to marketable alternatives allows us to work with many different types of clients with varying needs.  Our extensive resources provide us the ability to serve clients with limited internal resources as well as dedicated internal staff. We work with clients on a full-service, comprehensive retainer or in a specific service area such as:

  • Strategic planning
  • Portfolio construction
  • Investment and operational due diligence
  • Manager selection, monitoring, and reporting
  • Back-office support
  • Specialized project work
  • Board and staff education

Our goal is that every investment serves its intended purpose, and we seek to accomplish this by leveraging the in-depth research of the entire firm.

We begin the conversation by discussing the function that marketable alternatives will serve within a client’s portfolio. From there, the marketable alternatives portfolio is purposefully built to achieve a specific goal—be it alpha generation, downside protection, or providing an additional source of diversification. Each investment serves a distinct role in the context of the broader asset allocation in order to avoid overlap and costly, redundant exposures.

Brandon Colón, Principal / Deputy Director of Marketable Alternatives