Healthcare Organizations

Providing adaptability in a world of rapid change

The healthcare industry is a dynamic sector characterized by rapid changes in technology and shifting government policies as well as innovative medical advances.

Healthcare organizations require investments that allow them to modernize, expand, and improve. They also require financial flexibility to quickly respond to new market or regulatory factors.

Our acute understanding of these requirements and our resources allow us to provide healthcare organizations with investment advice for assets and needs that have long-, intermediate-, and short-term horizons, including:

  • Investment, macroeconomic, and manager research
  • Customized investment solutions across asset classes
  • Proactive communications
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Operational support

For organizations that do not have the time or expertise needed to make investment decisions or have asset pools with different requirements, we offer our Fiduciary Management (OCIO) services.  As an organization’s OCIO, we accept as much or as little of the decision-making responsibilities as our clients wish to delegate.

We are flexible and ready to structure a solution for each individual client.

To compete in a sector as energetic as healthcare, organizations need to work with a consultant who can help them design adaptive investment portfolios to meet their needs in the face of uncertainty. We have helped healthcare clients navigate these challenges since 1982.

Alan Spatrick, Managing Principal / Consultant