2021 diversity, equity, and inclusion annual questionnaire results summary

April 2021

Meketa recently launched a new initiative to more thoroughly evaluate asset managers’ efforts to ensure Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (“DE&I”) within their organizations. We sent our Annual Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Questionnaire to public and private market managers within the firm’s internal database in January 2021.

Out of approximately 830 firms who received the questionnaire, 283 responded. Responses to all questions were not required; therefore, the average number of responses per question was 195. The participation rate was highest among questions regarding policies and initiatives, with many managers abstaining from reporting diversity statistics at decision making levels of the firm (Board, Equity Ownership, Senior Management). Note that there is likely respondent bias in the results, with more diverse firms opting to respond to the questionnaire. The following analysis summarizes key findings from the responses received.

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