Meketa announces results of 2022 environmental, social, and governance questionnaire

December 2022

Meketa Investment Group developed an Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) Firm Reporting Questionnaire which we are excited to share the results of.

The results cover public and private markets managers from within our own research database, which supports more than 240 advisory and discretionary clients as of June 2022. Investment Managers complete our ESG questionnaire as part of their annual reporting responsibilities.

The questionnaire was constructed in three sections, Policy and Internal Resources, Active Ownership, and Governance, and includes questions about ESG considerations at the organizational (firm) level. Answers to these questions help us understand how ESG filters down from organizational policies to everyday investment decision-making.

In the attached analysis, we discuss the results of our inaugural ESG questionnaire from the responses we received. We then summarize our findings and conclude with recommendations for asset managers that could serve as differentiators in the future.