Sustainability: A new sector in Private Markets

December 2021

Analysis and consideration of Sustainability and Environmental, Social, & Corporate Governance (“ESG”) factors has gained significant momentum in recent years and will likely accelerate going forward as investors seek to mitigate climate change. Extreme weather events and natural disasters are seemingly occurring with greater frequency and magnitude. As the global economy grows, the world population increases, and the middle classes expand in developing nations, demand for energy, materials, food, wood, and other resources are expected to grow significantly.

In an effort to help facilitate this growth, while considering the risk to the environment, a transition is underway to source these commodities in a more sustainable manner – and to implement new, cleaner, and more efficient industrial processes and technologies. Governments around the world representing 190 countries and the European Union (“EU”) have expressed unity in the goal of achieving these objectives and ratified the Paris Agreement to target net zero emissions by 2050. These parties have recognized climate change poses risks to the global environment, its populations, flora, and fauna. They are mobilizing efforts to decarbonize high emission industries and implement other sustainability initiatives, such as improving energy efficiency, developing alternative fuels, and further enabling renewable energy adoption.

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