2022 diversity, equity, and inclusion annual questionnaire results summary

May 2022

Meketa launched a formal initiative to gather 2020 data from public and private markets asset managers within our proprietary database. The initiative focused on evaluating asset manager efforts more thoroughly to have a deeper understanding of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (“DEI”) within their organizations. For the second year in a row, we sent our Annual Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Questionnaire to asset managers to report on their 2021 work in this area.

In this summary, we discuss the results of the second annual DEI questionnaire. Out of 803 firms who received the questionnaire, 420 responded. This is a 50% response rate increase from managers compared to 2021. (Please note, not every firm responded to every question.) The questionnaire was constructed in three sections: (1) Transparency and Reporting, (2) Policies and Initiatives, and (3) Employee Conduct. In this report, we will summarize our findings from the questionnaire and conclude with recommendations for asset managers that could serve as differentiators in the future.

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