Quincy Retirement System – Passive Index

November 2022

The Board Members of the Quincy Retirement System (hereinafter “Board”) are seeking proposals from passive index managers.  The requested portfolios along with estimated market values and other pertinent information are provided below:

Asset Class Preferred Benchmark Size ($mm) Preferred Vehicle
Large Cap Growth Domestic Equity Russell 1000 Growth $20 Commingled Fund
Large Cap Value Domestic Equity Russell 1000 Value $20 Commingled Fund
Style-Tilted Domestic Equity QSI Index $25 Commingled Fund
Developed Non-US Equity MSCI EAFE $30 Commingled Fund
Core Fixed Income Bloomberg US Aggregate $20 Commingled Fund
US Inflation Protected Bonds Bloomberg US TIPS $15 Commingled Fund

Only proposals for experienced managers of indexing strategies will be considered. Respondents must have been in operation for at least three years and have total assets under management exceeding $1 billion.  Preference will be given to firms which can provide all services but partial responses will be considered. The objective of this Request for Proposal shall be to identify that manager whose expertise will best meet the Board’s goals and needs.

The funds shall be managed in compliance with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 32 and Chapter 176, the regulations of the Massachusetts Division of Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission, 840 CMR, and the Placement Agent Policy (available at http://www.mass.gov/perac/docs/forms-pub/memos/2011/perac-placement-agents-policy.pdf).

All bidders are hereby advised that any proposal selected shall be subject to (1) approval of the Board, (2) a written contract and (3) approval of the engagement by the Massachusetts Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC).

Any questions pertaining to this Request for Proposal are to be emailed directly to:
Steve MacLellan
Meketa Investment Group
80 University Avenue
Westwood, MA  02090
[email protected]

Due date deadline: Friday, December 16th 2022 at 12:00 PM EST