China and Emerging Markets Asia Request for Information

February 2021

Meketa Investment Group is seeking information on China, China A shares and Emerging Markets Asia long-only equity strategies.  Any area of market cap focus is within scope (i.e., large cap, small cap, all cap).

The objective of this request for information is for Meketa to broaden its database of managers within these opportunity sets.  This request does not pertain to a specific search.

We ask that the following information be provided in your response – please note that a full Meketa RFP is not being requested at this stage.

  • Clear specification of the strategy’s opportunity set of focus (i.e., “China A shares All Cap Growth,” “Emerging Markets Asia Small Cap Value,” etc.)
  • Clear specification of the nature of the investment approach (i.e., fundamental, quantitative, quantamental, top-down, bottom-up, blend of X/Y/Z)
  • Strategy Fact Sheet (if available)
  • Strategy Presentation Pitch Book (if available)
  • Quarterly Commentary (if available, Q4 2020 preferable)
  • Attribution Report (if available)
  • Sample RFI (if available)
  • Strategy and primary benchmark monthly performance (in excel format sorted vertically from newest date to oldest, gross of fees)
  • A primary point of contact for our research team

Please note that any additional materials that can be provided will also be considered within reason.  Our intention is to avoid this request for information being cumbersome, as it is an exploratory RFI rather than one pertaining to a specific search.

Please send all information to