Recent market volatility discussion

March 20, 2020

What is occurring in the Treasury Markets in terms of liquidity that is different from 2008?  Is this latest episode of market volatility a sign of broader stress in the financial system?

CIO of Meketa Fiduciary Management, Rafi Zaman and MFM Investment Committee member Tim Filla provide an overview of the recent market volatility across various asset classes.

Following this, Principal Gordon Latter and Risk Manager Orray Taft from Meketa host an in-depth fireside chat with Stephen Douglass, Rick Ratkowski and Ken Lester from NISA where they dig into derivative and Treasury markets and discuss how they have reacted in these significant market moves. They discuss whether these moves are technical in nature or signals of greater systemic concerns for markets and the economy, and how overlay programs have been impacted by these factors.